How to make correction in tnpds smart card website


Tamilnadu SMART RATION CARD CORRECTION:TNEPDS/ TAMILNADU PUBLIC DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM portal is launched by the Tamil Nadu government recently to give online access to its residents. This smart ration card can be applied, download or can check the status at your fingertips. So following this article helps you to understand how to request for the correction of  TNPEDS smart ration card Correction  and You can also check TNPEDS SMART ration card status.

About tnpds correction

The tnpds smart ration card Is a is nothing but a token provided by the government of tamilnadu  to give access to basic commodities like sugar,rice,oil…..etc from registered ration shop in the locality to the people near by .So this is highly recommended to the every citizen of tamilnadu to avail is own smart ration card individually,this can be done by Simply visiting  tnepds website

If you have registered with tnpds smart card but there are some wrong details or mistakes in spellings.

for Example:- If your first name is Rajesh and surname is Ragulu but you have wrongly entered your first name as raghulu and your last name as Rajesh then what you have to do? -_-

so here’s the solution and this article is all about it. You want to make correction in tnepds smart card so you have to read this for sure or you want to do tnpds correction of your family members or yours just follow my Below steps and instruction then you can easily make the corrections  😀

Follow these simple steps for tnpds correction:-

1.first of all, You have to go tnpds correction website which means tnpds smart card website Just click here to go to tnpds smart card website.

tnpds correction

2.After that, You will be asked to fill the details then You Have To Login with your details into tnpds smart card website with You registered Number,

Note: Registered phone number is the one which you gave at the time of applying. You should only use use the registered mobile number only then you can receive an OTP(one-time password).

tnpds correction3.You will get the information as in the below picture

tnpds correction

4.Then to edit the information you need to click on the edit button. After clicking the edit button a page will be displayed as below.

tnpds correction

5.Finally you can make the correction where ever is neccesary and you need to upload some suporting documents which will help you to change the details.

Note:- In this tnpds correction you can change Following terms:-

  • smart card address change
  • Family card name deletion
  • the family card name added

Thats it, How You can make a request in change of correction. if something bothering you In the process please let Us Know in the comment.


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